About Us

As a team of volunteers, we travel around and visit a different Landcare or Bushcare site one weekend a month.

Illawarra Intrepid Landcare assists existing Landcare and Bushcare groups around the Illawarra region and beyond, to carry out environmental restoration activities on their sites.

Volunteers not only learn about environmental management issues, but also benefit from networking opportunities, build on social skills and develop a more sound understanding of the real environmental challenges this region is facing.

Volunteers also get to visit parts of this region you don't normally get to visit. Not only is it a fun day out in the great outdoors, it's an opportunity to lend a helping hand to our beautiful environment, and the wonderful groups that already exist.

Activities include creek restoration, bushland regeneration, tree planting, weed removal, vegetation and weed mapping, and other monitoring activities.

Our group regularly teams up with other organisations and partakes in outdoor adventure conservation activities such as hiking, swimming, and kayaking, mixed with landcare activities with groups such as Willow Warriors. These projects often incorporate an overnight camping experience in some of the most beautiful places in NSW.

Each landcare project allows for plenty of socialising through activities such as a swim at a local swimming hole, fishing, BBQs, camping, and much more!