Tools & Safety

21st February 2012

These demonstration videos were developed and delivered by the volunteers of Illawarra Youth Landcare.

This project was supported by Landcare Illawarra through funding from the Australian Government's Caring for Our Country.

Special thanks go to Clover Hill Dairies and Seven mile Beach Landcare in their amazing support and assistance in helping us deliver these products to be shared with the wider community.

Thankyou to the amazing and talented Bec Sandridge and Dane Overton who contributed to the backing music for all of the demonstration videos. You can check out their work on Triple J Unearthed:

Bec Sandridge:

Dane Overton:

And most important, thankyou to all of the volunteers who were involved in the development and delivery of these educational videos! We hope you enjoy these products and find them useful in your Landcare endeavours.

These videos were produced by Immersion Imagery